Wednesday 31 May 2017

Watford open meeting A fair selection of club members competing over 1500m, 3000m and Pole Vault. Results.

With PB’s at 1500m for Callum Nicholson & Tom Angell, 3000m for Richard Laursen and a club Pole Vault competition.

Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 May 2017

National Youth Development Upper League Div 2, Stevenage

We believe a rescoring shows Teams Beds second by 1 point behind hosts Stevenage (645 - 644) points), Havering were third some way back. Individual results on Po10.

An excellent 2nd place for Raphael Boujo U17 in the U20 100m 11.08 and a PB in the U20 200m 22.97. Wins for Reon Ashley Lewis U17 200m 23.24.  An electronic PB for Mia Chapman in the U20 200m 25.21.  A string wins for Megan Middleton U17 800m, Jamie Webster U17 1500m PB 4:28.25, Tabatha Walford U20 1500m, Ryan Ward U20 3000m, Anna Vinnicombe U20 3000m, Will Forster U20 400mH PB 57.84, Rosie Bailey U17 1500m SC, Ite Aderojo U17 Triple Jump PB 11.15

Vitality 10km, London

25 Darren Deed 30:55, 37 Jack Goodwin 31:19, 54 James Hoad 31:58, 194 Charlie Palmer 34:44, 304 Rob Harris 36:28, 490 Jo Wilkinson (F40 4) 38:39, 1218 Rob Payne M45 43:58

Cambridgeshire Schools, Cambridge

Iona Bewbiggin U15 100m 2 13.1, 200m 1 26.4, Ellie Davis U15 100m 14.6, Lewis Smith U17 2 400m 53.4, Callum Nicholson U17 800m 1 2:12.2, 1500m 3 4:47.8, Keenan Hosking U15 800m 2:16.9, Darcy Button U15 800m 2:34.0, Isaac Lunn U17 1500m 4:50.8, Elysia Constanzo U17 HJ 1.35, LJ 4.49,  Caitlin Webster U15 HJ 1.30, Eerin Thompson U15 LJ 1 4.67, Kenyeh Sohei U15 Shot 1 10.82, Discus 3 20.90,  Charlie Churms U15 Shot 2 9.32, Cliona Blackwell U17 Hammer 2 26.46, Javelin 3 28.39.

Biggish Jumps and Throws, Bedford Long Jump Jean Mozobo 6.46

BMC meeting, Sports City, Manchester 1500m U20 Ben Davies 3:52.14, Stan Willis U20 3:59.54, 5000m Jack Douglas 14:46.27 PB, 3000mSC Josh Lunn 9:32.50, Jake Barraclough 10:13.73

Wednesday 24 May 2017, Cambridgeshire Open Meeting

Long Jump Sadie Werrett U13G 3.70, Darcy Button U15G 4.09, Lucy Dixon U15G 3.26, Hammer Lucy Dixon U15G 20.76,

Shot Darcy Button U15G 6.84, Lucy Dixon U15G 5.96, Layla Button U13G 4.29, 100m Callum Nicholson U17M 12.55, Darcy Button U15G 15.50,

Sadie Werrett U13G 15.56, Ryan Mingay U13B 16.07, 200m Sadie Werrett U13G 33.78, Ryan Mingay U13B 33.23, 3000m Gary Evans U20M 9:51.37, Callum Nicholson U17M 9:52.24, Diana Chalmers SW 11:18.28

Matt Leach has been selected to represent GB&NI in the European team 10000 champs on 10 June 2017 in Minsk.

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 May 2017

A busy weekend for the club with NYDL Lower, SAL and BMAF road relays

Southern Athletics League, Div 1, Bedford

Bedford were third on 189 points behind Nene Valley 207.5 and Milton Keynes 201.  Another tough and close match with not too may A string wins and some people covering many events to help the team. Individual Results

Men Matt Bray 1500m 4:03.2, Diego Lassini 110H 16.2, Lee Johnson HJ 1.95, Javier Ferrando PV 3.85, 4x400m 3:29.9

Women Lauren Nichols 1500m 4:51.5, Anna Bright 400mH 67.1, 4x100m Relay 50.6

Southern Athletics League, Div 3N, St Albans

A skeleton team B team:

Andy Leach M50 3000m 9:34.5 Luke Mikajo 200m 25.2, Craig Emmerson SC 11:03.6, Simon Eastwood M50 HJ 1.25 3.05, PV SP 8.52, DT 23.03, HT 16.81, JT 32.87, Javier Ferrando PV 4.00, Graeme Packman M60 SP 8.36, DT 22.06, HT 18.15,  JT 14.05, Mark Burgman M50 PV 2.25

National Youth Development Lower League Div 2, Chelmsford

We finished sixth in the match won by Reading by a large margin. Results are on Po10 here

A string winners: Desmond Agbenu U15 200m 27.3, Alex Ayale U15 300m 39.4, Kenyeh Sohei U15 Shot 11.28 PB, Chloe Ward U15 Javelin 27.96.

BMAF Road relays, Sutton Park

We mustered two M45 teams of four. The race was won by Thames H&H 1:05:14, our A team were seventh 1:08:24 and the B team 33rd 1:18:35

1 Alan Turnbull (14) 16:51, 2 Christopher Riley (9) 16:53 3 Steven Herring (7) 16:33 4  Andrew Blair (7) 18:07

1 James Black (33) 18:36  2 Les Thomas (24) 17:45 3 Tony Fitzpatrick (31) 20:35, 4  Bill Goodyear (33) 21:39

Loughborough International 400m Lauren Russell 55.62, Jodie Leslie 56.24

Highgate 10000s A Race Matt Leach 29:29.79 B Race Alice Burgin 36:25.92

B Race John Eves 30:30.65, Will Mackay 30:59.08, James Hoad 31:18.81

Watford open meeting, Wednesday 17 May 2017 200m Peter Webster M45 27.58,

800m Penelope Francis U13 02:38.64, Alanah Harris U23 02:18.23, Jamie Webster U17 02:01.31

BMC Gold Stretford, Tuesday 16 May 2017 1500m Stan Willis 3:59.15

Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 May 2017

County Championships Weekend

We had large numbers of athletes competing at Bedford in the Beds Champs and many at Peterborough in the Cambs Champs.

Bedfordshire results can now be downloaded from Po10 website

100m  U13B 1 Desmond Junior Agbenu 13.20 G2, U15G 1 Leah Anin 12.98 G3, U17W 1 Olivia Russell 12.75 G3, 200m  U13B 1 Desmond Junior Agbenu 27.70 G3, U15G 1 Leah Anin 27.03 G3, 800m  U15G 1 Niamh Huxford 02:30.24 G4, U17M 1 Aiden Killeen 02:03.33 G4, 1500m U13B 1 Zena Saez 04:49.07 G1, U13G 1 Natalie Simmons 05:05.30 G2, U15G 1 Sofia Perusko 04:59.15 G3, 70mH U13G 1 Ruby Green 11.89 G1, 75mH  U15G 1 Romina Johnson 12.34 G3, 80mH U15B 1 Stephen Simmons 11.61 G1, 80mH U17W 1 Ite Aderoju 12.94 G4, High Jump  JM 1 Lee Johnson 1.95 G2, Long Jump U15B 1 Stephen Simmons 5.75 G1, U15G 1 Romina Johnson 4.65 G4, U17M 1 Joshua Methven 5.83 G4, Pole vault  U17W 1 Holly Nichols 2.50 G4, SM 1 Diego Lassini 4.10 G3, Triple Jump , U17W 2 Ite Aderoju 11.09 G1 , Hammer  U15B 1 Nathan Litchfield 28.66 G4, U17M 1 Thomas Litchfield 35.51 G4 ,  Javelin U13B 1 Udoka Fintelmann 29.19 G2, U15G 1 Holly Smith 30.43 G2, Shot  U15B 1 Stephen Simmons 10.27 G4 , U15G 1 Romina Johnson 8.98 G3, JW 1 Octavia Cavill 9.72 G3

Cambridgeshire results

Iona Newbiggin U15 won the 100m in 12.74 & 200m 25.93 PB, Lewis smith U17 won the 400m in 52.36. Caitlin Webster won the U15  high  jump 1.37m. Erin Thompson won the U15 Long Jump 4.55m, Kenyeh Soyei U15 won the shot putt 10.19 PB. Cliona Blackwell U17 won the Javelin 26.29.

Yorkshire - Richard Martin won the SM hammer 57.75mn

BMC Grand Prix, Solihull 800m Ben Davies U20  1:56.69, Massi Dendani 1:56.29, 1500m Sam Knee Robinson 4:07.49, Matt Bray 4:02.40, Stan Willis 4:01.91

USA results: Alex Short 5000m 14:25.60, Ben Alcock 1500m 3:53.06

Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 May 2017

British Athletics League, Yeovil

We were 7th on Saturday just two points behind Havering after they pipped us by one place in the last few metres of the 4x400 relay. This puts us in the relegation zone. We missed a few key guys on the day and the bus arriving late due to a M3 closure didn't help us.

Our best event was the 3000m, our only A and B string win, where Jack Goodwin 8:42.17 and John Eves 8:43.63 left all of the opposition well in their wake. Josh Lunn won 3000m steeplechase in a PB 9:25.94 and was backed up well by Craig Emmerson 10:56.99.  

In the Pole Vault Frankie Johnson 4.40m was 2nd in the A  & Tyler Seager won the B string with 4.00m. In the Javelin Robson Angell was 3rd a PB of 51.51 & Marcio Fernades won the B 49.29. Jean Mozobo was 2nd in the long jump despite the late arrival of the minibus. There were PBs for Kwame Morris 11.39 in the 100, Tom Powell 4:12.28 in the 1500 and Aedan Slack 42.72 in the hammer. Aedan, HCA from Cambridge, was one of the hardest working athletes of the day being out in the centre of the field for most of the match taking A string 6th in shot, discus and hammer.  Richard Phelan, HCA from Huntingdon, stepped in at the last minute to cover the horizontal jumps.

Results on Power of 10.

UK Women’s League, Southampton

We were 6th in the Div 1 UKWL match at Southampton. It was a tight Southampton won with 197 points, Notts Ac 196, Trafford 190 and Cardiff 188. Harrow were ahead of us on 166 to our 156 Results on Po10.  The next match is at home. Report awaited.

Eastern Young Athletes Lge, Watford

We won the first round match at Watford. Individual results can be found here  reports awaited.

1 Bedford 781 2 Shaftesbury 766 3 Woodford 626.5 4 Watford 622

Strong performances from all age groups with  U17M, U15G & U13G first.

Wins for Raphael Bojou U17 100m 11.3, Etienne Maughan U13 100m 13.2 PB 70mH 12.1, LJ 4.80m, Jamie Webster U17 800m 1:59.9, Zena Saez U13 1500m 4:53.9 PB, Tia Wilson U17 1500m 4:51.7 PB, Dylan Green U15 80mH 12.8 U15W 4x100m 51.9 U13W 4x100m 55.6, Frankie Johnson U17 HJ 1.80m PV 4.40m, Gracie Wall U13 HJ 1.38m, Reon-Ashley  Lewis U17  LJ 6.14m, Udoka Fintlemann U13 LJ 4.45m Javelin 27.64,, Kye Charlton Brown U17 Shot 12.51m, Megan Kavanagh U17 Shot 10.85m, Kenyeh Sohei U15 Shot  9.95m

Occidental Invitational USA Ben Alcock 5000m 14:05.06

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Eastern Masters T & F League, Bedford

The results are now on Po10 and the league website.  The men were second (to Milton Keynes) the women seventh.

Monday 1 May 2017 Milton Keynes Half Marathon

Andrew Inskip was second 75:02, Daryl Geanga 93:50, Claire Perusko F45 1:47:43